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Khanapara Teer Result Today

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The Teer Game is played two times a day and the numbers are announced at 03:50 PM for the first round and at 04:30 PM for the second round, so you can visit this page Monday to Saturday daily on the exact time to get the information on time. Also, you can add this website on the homepage and join us on Whatsapp to get the notifications at the earliest.

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Guwahati Teer Result Today

Game Name Khanapara Teer
Alternative Name Guwahati Teer
Played on Monday to Saturday
Total Rounds 2 Rounds
Announcement Timing First Round - 03:50 PM
Second Round - 04:30 PM
Announced on Website / Offline Counter
Where to Check KhanaparaTeer.org
Result Status Published

Khana para is also famous as Guwahati Teer and people search for its morning list daily because Guwahati is the largest city in the neighbouring Indian state of Assam and it also hosts a game similar to this game. This is why people often call them with the same name and they are referred to as the same teer game.

You can check the Guwahati lottery numbers here that is updated frequently and live with official details. The game is only played in the state of Meghalaya and other states have no access to it because it is allowed by the government only in this state. Also, this page is only for Meghalaya readers who are looking for information related to Khanapara like its results, common numbers, hit numbers, targets, etc.

How this Game is Played in Meghalaya?

It is a popular lottery game that is played in Meghalaya only. People come to the open field and Teer counter to play and participate in this game. It has two rounds and in the first round, archers shoot arrows at a target. In the second round, the people bet on the number of arrows that hit the target.

Players place their bets on specific numbers, and if their predictions are correct, they win prizes based on the odds set by the Teer counter. This Khanapara game is of cultural significance in the State of Meghalaya and a similar Shillong Teer is also played in the state. Teer game is not played anywhere in the country except Meghalaya. This is completely based on luck and some analysis, that is why it is not allowed in other states of India but it is played as a cultural game in Meghalaya.

How to Check the Result of Khanapara Teer Fast?

If you want to check the numbers too fast, then you should Bookmark or Add 'khanaparateer.org' to your home screen. Also, it would help if you kept coming back to this site to check the latest numbers daily. Here, the team updates all the details too fast as they work day and night to provide you with the latest information.

The game is played in 2 rounds, whose number announcement is done at 03:50 PM and 04:30 PM, so you can check the details here daily at this time except for Sunday because on that day, the game is not played in Meghalaya.


Is Khana para Teer Played in Other States than Meghalaya?

This game is only played in the Meghalaya State and other states, it is completely banned and not allowed to play. This involves risk and that is why other governments don't allow it to play but it is allowed in Meghalaya.

What is Khanapara Teer Official Website?

The official website is khanaparateer.com where results are published daily.

Is Khana para Teer Legal to Play?

The teer game is legal to play only in Meghalaya, it is banned in other states.

How to Check Khanapara Teer Live Numbers Quickly?

You can check today's live numbers on "khanaparateer.org" where the numbers are published daily on time.

When Khana para Teer Result is Published?

The Morning and Evening numbers are published at 3:50 PM and 4:30 PM respectively from Monday to Saturday.

Disclaimer - Khanaparateer.org provides live results at the earliest and the goal of this website is to publish the teer numbers list too quickly. Note that all the details are verified with official sources and then shown here but the website doesn't guarantee any information to be 100% true. Also, this game can be too risky, so the users should be aware of that and make decisions at their own risk. This website is made only for the people of Meghalaya where Teer is allowed to play in the state by government officials, if you are from other states then this page is not for you. Note, that this site never asks for any money and is only limited to providing information on Teer Results.

The Results are published here daily, keep checking back every day at 3:50 and 4:30, it depends on internet availability but we update it as early as possible.